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Myths and Facts

Definition of domestic violence is physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse inflicted by an intimate partner or family member and crosses all class, racial, and educational lines. Victims of domestic violence suffer devastating effects including physical pain, loss of self-esteem, forced dependency, anxiety, terror, and depression. In addition to creating an atmosphere of fear at home, the stress and tension of living with violence extends beyond the home. It affects ones ability to function in the work place or at school and relationships to family members and friends.

Definition of sexual violence is sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual assault and can be inflicted by an intimate partner, family member, acquaintance or stranger. Like domestic violence it crosses all class, racial, and educational lines. Victims of sexual violence suffer devastating emotional effects such as depression, anxiety, low self worth, guilt and traumatic memories. Life after sexual violence can be disrupted and coping with the effects can be difficult without support.

If you need immediate help, please call 911 for police assistance or contact our 24-hour hotline at 815-756-5228.

Myths and Facts About Domestic Violence

Myths and Facts about Sexual Assault