Sexual Assault Counselor


Oak is in the process of graduating from Adler University with a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling. They are currently pending their LPC and CADC. They graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.A. in Theatre and Performance with a focus in Authorship. They utilize a survivor centered lens with every Client they work with. They see themself as a guide providing language and helping each Client unlock the answers, they already have within themselves to facilitate the healing they deserve. Oak also utilizes Cognitive Processing Therapy when appropriate and believes in helping each Client rewrite the story of their lives to create a narrative that allows them to be who they want. Oak also utilizes creative techniques and inner child healing to help Client’s reconnect with their authentic self outside of the trauma narrative they have been told. Oak has experience at Behavioral Hospitals and utilizes this background to help Clients navigate and advocate for themselves within the mental health care system. They hope to utilize their experiences at Safe Passage to help facilitate healing on an individual and community level. 

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