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It is the mission of Safe Passage to promote the right of all to nonviolent and abuse-free relationships through advocacy, intervention and prevention in DeKalb County.

About Safe Passage

Safe Passage is DeKalb County’s only Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Center.  We provide a wide range of services to survivors and their loved ones including shelter, counseling, advocacy, and so much more. All survivor services are completely free, confidential, and available to all, no matter your age, gender, or when the abuse occurred.  The vision at Safe Passage is a world without violence where all are safe. Together, we believe that future is possible.

As a trauma-informed agency, Safe Passage acknowledges that systems of oppression impact survivors of interpersonal violence in many different ways. We strive to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work to honor the unique journeys of our clients, staff, and community. Join us in our commitment to dismantle these systems of social and racial injustice through continued education and advocacy. Together we have the power to create a violence-free community

New Beginnings

With the ever-present demands of our families and individuals seeking out help and support, Safe Passage is now at a point where we must build a new beginning. This will allow us to move all programs and shelter under one roof, helping us keep families together and additing much needed space for operational efficiency.

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Safe Passage stands by you in every step of your journey to healing and safety. You are not alone!

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It takes all of us working together to build a world without violence; join us!

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Safe Passage provides a wide range of services to support survivors and end violence. Our services include crisis intervention, legal and medical advocacy, shelter, counseling, prevention education, and offender intervention. We couldn’t provide these services without the support of our generous community. Partner with us as we work toward a future without abuse.

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