Abuse Intervention Services (AIS) offers Partner Abuse Intervention and Enhanced Anger Management Programs.

Safe Passage believes an important element to the the safety of domestic violence victims/survivors, their children, and our community is our focus on abuse intervention and prevention. By working with individuals who have used harmful or abusive behavior, we shift the focus from what victim/survivor can do to stay safe to what we all can do to interrupt cycles of harm. Participants who engage in our Partner Abuse Intervention or Enhanced Anger Management programs are given the chance to take accountability for their past actions and build toward a nonviolent, nonabusive future.

Abuse Intervention Services aims to REDUCE:

  • Reduce recidivism
  • Encourage empathy to effect change
  • De-escalate conflicts
  • Understand what is abusive
  • Cultivate healthier relationships
  • Engage with an accountable mindset

Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP)

PAIP facilitates weekly groups sessions for individuals who have used harm or abuse towards their intimate/romantic partners. Groups are designed to help participants recognize and understand the attitudes that lead toward violence- whether it be emotional violence, physical violence, or beyond. Participants have the opportunity to engage in conversation with their peers, practice new skills, and learn with trained facilitators in a journey toward nonviolent relationships.

Additional Information:

  • 26 weekly group sessions
  • Morning and evening groups available
  • Group sessions in English and Spanish
  • Services open to participants of all genders and sexual orientations
  • Free case management and individual counseling services offered in addition to group.=
  • Sponsorship program
  • $125 assessment fee
  • Weekly group fee ranging from $25-$65, based on income

Enhanced Anger Management (EAM)

Through weekly group sessions, EAM assists participants in learning to express emotion in nonviolent ways. Participants will learn to recognize their anger cues, understand the cycle of aggression, and practice skills to manage conflict without the use of harm or violence.

Additional Information:

  • 12 weekly group sessions
  • Services open to participants of all genders and sexual orientations
  • Free case management and individual counseling services offered in addition to group.
  • $75 assessment fee
  • $30 weekly group fee

Who is Appropriate for PAIP or EAM?

If you are concerned about harmful or abusive behaviors in yourself or someone you care about, contact Abuse Intervention Services to learn more about the services we offer.  PAIP and EAM are appropriate for individuals who recognize abusive tendencies in their own behavior or history and are looking for help, as well those who have been court or agency-mandated to receive treatment.

  • Partner Abuse Intervention is for those who have used harm or abuse toward an intimate/romantic partner or spouse. 
  • EAM is intended for those with a history of anger management issues, not directed toward an intimate/romantic partner.
  • PAIP and EAM are court-approved to meet requirements related to domestic battery and related cases.

Client Testimonials

  • “This class is a must have and will help you if you apply and truly believe in it. I truly wish you the best.”
  • “They do an awesome job, was a great group. They helped me work through my problems, making me believe in myself and moving forward in life.”
  • “Very helpful class if you want to learn how to better handle bad situations.”

Request an Assessment or More Information:

To request an assessment or more information for PAIP or EAM, CLICK HERE, or call 815-756-5054.