Safe Passage is DeKalb County’s only Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center.  We work with survivors of all ages and genders, focusing on processing trauma and rebuilding lives.  Our unique agency offers services that surround survivors with a continuum of care designed to support and encourage healing and growth in every area of their lives.

Providing emergency shelter, counseling, advocacy, and support are critical services for anyone following domestic or sexual abuse, but we know that is not the only need. We must also work to galvanize our community, our nation, and our world to end domestic and sexual violence.  We are aiming not only to support survivors, but to create a world where no one is ever abused in the first place.

We know we must break the stigma around domestic and sexual violence.  We must speak boldly and bravely about the issues that cause and perpetuate violence in our homes and our communities.  We must amplify survivor voices and provide a space to speak and to listen.  This is our space.

Welcome to our blog.  Welcome to a space to be heard, a space to listen, a space to learn, and a space to heal.  We’re so glad you’re here!

Mary Ellen Schaid, Executive Director