If you are like me, you love the holiday season.  I can’t wait to dig out my holiday decorations, make paper snowflakes, and cozy up with a warm mug of cocoa.  For me, the holidays have always been a time of warmth, generosity, and family fun.  There is always some stress and frustration, but on the whole, this is the time of the year I feel the hope and light that gives me strength for the year to come.

I hope you feel the same love and strength this time of year.  I hope you find yourself surrounded by warmth and family this holiday season.  But if you aren’t, know that you are not alone.  There is love and support for you, even if it is in an unexpected place.

We felt that love and support yesterday when a community member dropped off a literal truckload of toys.  This community member went out of her way to play Santa and we are so grateful.  The generosity of our community helps us to make this holiday season just a little bit brighter for the kids and families who come through our doors.  Thank you thank you thank you!