Is there a domestic violence or rape crisis center in your town?  Would you know if it closed?  Would it affect you?

DeKalb County was forced to face these questions as the Illinois Budget crisis continued to threaten social services around the state.  Years dragged on without promised funding to nonprofits and service providers.  If Safe Passage couldn’t keep our doors open, where would victims turn?  Where would they find safety and support in our community?

Most people in our community don’t think about these questions.  They don’t wonder where they would turn in a crisis.  They may not know what makes these kinds of services so crucial to a community.

We were lucky enough to have three brave women come forward to share their stories, helping explain to our community why Safe Passage matters.  For those of you who have never wondered where you can be safe today, be thankful.  For those of you who have, know that Safe Passage is here for you.

Click the link to watch our video!: Safe Passage

Why are you grateful for Safe Passage?  Why are you thankful for the movement to end violence?  Where do you see need for improvement?  How can we all do better in supporting survivors and ending violence?  We want to hear from you!