We are thankful for the survivors who’ve shared their stories and bravely spoke up to say “#MeToo.”

We are thankful for the survivors who tell only those who help them to feel safe and whole, who remind themselves that a silent “me too” is just as powerful.

We are thankful for survivors who heard #MeToo and reached out for help and healing.

We are thankful for legislators, advocates, donors, and all who work to end intimate partner violence around the world.

We are thankful for our women and femmes who speak up boldly about their right to an equal and safe place in this world.

We are thankful for men who speak out about their own experiences, who reshape the narrative about assault and who call for their brothers to do and be better.

We are thankful for people of color and especially for women of color who fight intimate partner violence in a field that has been and continues to be all too unwelcoming of the anti-racist work that needs to be done.

We are thankful for trans men and women and gender-nonconforming folks and all in the LGBTQIA community who push our movement to be more inclusive and to fight for the rights of all.

We are thankful for a chance to work for a better future.  We are thankful that we know that future is coming.  We are thankful that each day we get the chance to continue the fight on behalf of all survivors.

We are thankful for YOU.